Sector One.

Sector One supported the SETI@Home program and is running the Client software on various Macintosh since 1999.

The version 3 (released on september 2000) have added improved performances and have reduced the disk access to the minimum, making our "acceleration" pages obsolete.
In february 2001, SETI@HOME 3.03 has became mandatory.
This version have added additional science coverage which doubled the amount of calculation required to process each workunit (mainly in order to reduce server load).

During the year 2005, SETI@Home have started to move to the BOINC project.
On December 22, 2005, the Classic project stats have been frozen and the SETI website have stopped accepting results for SETI@home Classic. All Classic accounts have been transferend to BOINC.

Tips TOOLS Group Benchmarks

Although being now completely obsolete, this section dedicated to the original SETI project have been maintained on the site for archive and because some links or utilities may be usefull to mac users who are still running Classic Mac OS (up to Mac OS 9.22).