Sector One.

Note: these tips are obsolete since the release of SETI@home v3.

PowerMacs and especialy the G3/G4 are very fast computer and their performances in the SETI program show how faster than PeeCees they are... But there are many ways to reduce again the time your Mac takes to crunch SETI data :


Working only in sreensaver mode with "go to black screen" fixed to 1 min (the minimum... Grrr!),

Use a RamDisk (as ramBunctious, AppDisk or MacOS Ram Disk),

Using LibMoto,

Accelerate the cache speed to a ratio of 2/3 with CacheProfiler,

Quit all applications and all background processes (for power users only)

Originaly, our B/W G3-400 takes more than 9h by work unit (displaying graphics during the computation). Using all these tips, the figures fall to an average of 7h05...
We've tested the same configuration, using SETI@home 2.04 plus the Mac system's RamDisk and the average has fallen to 6h20! (for example, a bi-PIII 450 need more than 8h!!!).

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