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Some useful tools for Mac OS (up to 9.2.2)


Two Extensions that add a "opened window" submenu to your application menu (choose one!).


Allow to change "on the fly" the memory taken by an application if you press the action key ("ctrl" or "command") while launching it.


A file browser inspired by the NeXT Browser.

Default Folder

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(check the
"products" page
"Screen Catcher"
and "Sleeper")

In the beginning, it was made to add to the dialog window the abilitie to set up a default folder for any applications and"Rebound" back to the last file/folder/disk used. These fonctions are now included in Apple's "Navigation Service", but Default Folder provides many other features in both the old and new dialog windows:
- Click on a Finder window to display its contents.
- Open the folder shown in an Open or Save dialog in the Finder.
- Basic Finder manipulations: create folders, get information (including available disk space, changing name, type, and creator), and move items to the Trash from within file dialogs.
- Click on greyed-out filenames to enter a name in Save dialogs.
- Make "Replace" the default option instead of "Cancel" when saving a file with the same name as an existing file.

there it is!

One of the best tool! If a folder is open in the finder, you can go to it from any open/save dialog, just by clicking on the area where it resides… just like magic! (doesn't change dialogs managed by the new "navigation service" like "Default Folder" does)

Drop Rename

Allows you to easily rename files or folders with a incredible variety of options.

Popup Navigator)

A must, and one of the most downloaded tool on Mac: allow "free" (and customisable) contextual menu in every application and bring back the main function of "PopUp Finder" (navigation through a hierarchical menu). The archive also include "Popup Navigator" that gives to the windows of most applications a similar popup menu that the one you get when you command-click a Finder™ window’s title bar?


A system extension tha add to ResEdit the ability to open and edit data forks


Show and change finder's file infos.


A little freeware that set the key for applications switching and display the list of opened applications ("à la" windows).

Natural Order


Improves the sorting order that your Macintosh uses when it displays lists of items that have numbers in the name:
— The space character sorts before numbers; numbers sort before non-numbers.
— Numbers sort in numerical order; leading zeroes and spaces on numbers are ignored, except as a tie-breaker for numbers that have the same numerical value.
— Non-numbers sort in the Mac's System sorting order.

MacOS Purge

Tool that purge and defragment the memory (or try to do it!)

Power Windows

Extention that will modify the graphic display of your mac in many ways: solid or transluecent windows dragging, transluecent menus and many more… excellent and very stable.

Prestissimo 1.5.1

This useful control panel is a freeware application that let you access to many of the features introduced in Mac OS 8.5 including:
application palette (activation, position, behaviour), keyboard shortcuts to change applications, scroll bar appearance.

Small Screen

Useful for web designers: draws on your screen the contour of different screen sizes.

Smooth Type

Will "smooth" your font (antialiasing) in a much better way than the system (look like mac OSX smoothing) and allow to smoth any font size (or abova a fixed size).


Bring your cursor to the active button in any dialog window and bring it back to its original position when the dialog closes.


In french, that means "quit all"…


Application that empties the trash or erase files you drag on its icon. Usefull in many ways…
Note: if you drag an alias on it, it will erase the original.

TurboMem 1.1.1

Turbo Mem will defragment your RAM and will reclaim the free RAM other applications doesn't use, as well as accelerate applications using a "turbo-charge" method, which puts disk information in RAM for much faster access. Can also make your system more reliable. Need a recent version of Carbon lib.

Wapp Pro 3.6.2

It is another application switcher, but this one add incredible new features as the icons of all running apps in the menu bar (you can even drag items on them!). Very stable and also available in french language.