Sector One.

Some old funny things for Mac… classic (≤OS9)


A little 2 in 1 game: Othello+Checkers. Not very smart, but cool if you just have 5 minutes to spend.


One of the best oldschool game on Mac, and one of the oldest: written in september 1984, it still works on G4 and MacOS 9.22 (or OSX in classic mode). This othello game have the unique ability to play not only with 8x8 but also 10x10 and 12x12 board.

KURO the Cat demo

Completely useless, it is worth for that…


Inspired by the classic video game, this is probably the best mac adaptation (seems to be impossible to find elsewhere now).

+ Tetris DA

The first mac version of the famous Tetris. Release in 1987. The DA version came with it.


The 3D (and paranoïd) version of the precedent.

MP3 players…
KURO the Cat demo

AMP Radio has returned to its roots as MacAmp, now version 2.0! This cheap shareware ($15) is what we believe to be the best Stream and Internet Radio Player on Mac, with its exclusive features and incredible sound. It can be used to BROADCAST LIVE streams right from your Mac.
Note: if you prefers AMP Radio's old fashioned look, we provide both the first version (1.0) and the last one (1.67).

iTunes 2.04US
iTunes 2.04-FU

iTunes 1.0-FU

2002.07.17: Apple have released iTune 3 today, but only for OSX. Although its seems to exist no way to download the old version anymore (for those who are still on OS9 and want a free MP3 player), it is still possible to download the version 2.04 by making a search on the site or by the following link: Clic!
iTunes 2 requires Mac OS9.